Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Customer Service Is Not Dead!

Searching for excellent customer service? Here are my top two picks with one honorable mention.

From the initial phone call to the passing back of keys upon completion, these folks know what they’re doing. The appointment setter at the initial service call is professional and efficient. A follow-up email with your appointment time and date is promptly sent. Two additional reminders are made the day before service – one via phone and the other via email.

When you pull up at the service area, a valet greets you and escorts you to your service advisor, opening doors along the way. Your advisor welcomes you by name and if you’ve made arrangements for a loaner vehicle (by simply answering “yes” regarding need during the initial call), a copy of your driver’s license and insurance are made desk-side and a temporary registration issued for the loaner. Completion expectations are discussed and a preferred number to be reached solicited.

Your service advisor escorts you back to the service area where your loaner vehicle is waiting for you.  He wishes you a happy day and you’re off!  Upon returning, you’re promptly greeted again, doors are opened, and closing out the invoice is quick and efficient. Loaner keys are taken by the service advisor and your freshly washed and vacuumed car is brought around without delay. Your advisor bids you a final happy farewell while wiping down any remnant drips on your bumper from the wash.

Chick-fil-A is one of those places where you can expect to receive hot food and excellent service in a quick and efficient manner, even at the busiest of times. Having a teenager reply, “my pleasure,” must be priceless to millions of parents around the world! Managers roam and chat with customers, employees are always quick with a refill or tray removal, and seriously, you just can’t beat the cow marketing!

Panera deserves an honorable mention in this category. Food is now delivered to the table, trays and dirty dishes are often swept away by lobby attendants upon completion, and the new rewards program is amazingly generous.

I often conduct business breakfast or lunch meetings in Panera. It’s quick and there are a wide variety of food options to satisfy a myriad of tastes. I visit Panera about once every two weeks or so. But, I already feel that I’ve been rewarded with the new Panera card. I haven’t broken through to the “high ticket” items yet, but the promise of a free sweet or beverage is a fun way to start the day!


  1. The Starbucks at the Landing is a favorite of mine. Nicest staff I've ever encountered. -- Helen C

  2. I haven't been to that particular Starbucks in a while, but I think the vast majority of Starbucks tend to have pretty decent customer service. The employees often are super-friendly!